Shirzad Sharif


At the age of 14 Shirzad began studing under the supervision of Ostad Bahman Rajabi in Iran. Since then he has adapted his own unique style of playing enabling him to play melodic rythyms on the Tonbak while accomponying various instruments.

He is also the founder of the band called Som'ma and has been actively engaged throughout the bay area, teaching classes and exploring new possiblities on the Tonbak.

Some of his work consists of playing the Tonbak with Arabic and Indian instruments such as the Riqq and Tablas while preserving the unique technique and sounds destinctive to the Tonbak creating an interesting blend of percussive compositions.

Among his works and interests is a new sound he likes to refer to as Avant-Garde Persian classical music, a new and exciting sound which has its roots in Persian classical music and avant-garde ideas.

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