Amozeshe Tombak (Tombak Rudiment)

Ostad Hosain Tehrani, Hoshang Zarif, Mostafa Kamalportorab, Farhad Fakhrodini and revised by Hosain Dehlavi.

Published by: moasseh farhangi-honary mahor.

ISBN: 964-6409-19-9

This book is used by many teachers for teaching Tombak to beginners. This book is in two parts. First part contains the following chapters is Persian:

Biography of Ostad Hosain Tehrani Origin of Tombak and other Iranian Percussions. Introduction to musical notation. Anatomy of Tombak and playing technique.

Second part contains: Ostad Hosain Tehrani's exercises and short pieces for Tombak ensemble.

Even if you can't read Persian, You can still use the second part for Tombak exercises or just use it as an introduction to Iranian Rhythms.

Madjid Khaladj has recorded these exercises and short pieces on a CD called "the basic works of Master Tehrani" RUDA Records. You can listen to this CD to find out how these rhythms should be played or just enjoy the superb technique of Madjid Khaladj.

The Tombak

Ostad Madjid Khaladj

This is yet another excellent work by Ostad Madjid Khaladj. It contains 2 DVDs and a Booklet. In first DVD Ostad Khaladj introduces Tombak and basic and advance techniques and gives step by step lesson in 6/8 suite composed by Ostad Hosain Tehrani father of modern Tombak. If you are a beginner, you can use these lessons to learn how to play tombak and if you already play Tombak, you can use these lessons to improve your techniques or if you are a fan of Ostad Khaladj like me, you can watch a master player playing this suite with perfection and become totally intoxicated.

Second DVD contains a documentary showing Iranian master craftsman making a Tombak to Ostad Khaladj's specification and Ostad Khaladj shows you how to select and skin Tombak. This DVD also contains a solo concert by Ostad Khaladj. Titled "Invitation au voyage".

In this concert Ostad Khaladj plays Tombak, zang-e-sarangoshti, Dayre and Daf.

In this concert you can enjoy an excellent artistic work by a master musician and learn about these heavenly Iranian instruments.

The booklet contains information about Tombak and it's origin and information about Ostad Hosain Tehrani and also contains information about instruments used is the concert contained in the second DVD and all the notes for the lessons in first.

We highly recommend this package. It is a must for anybody interested in Tombak or Persian Music. We would like to thank Mr. Philippe Nasse of Le Salon de Musique, Improductions for sending us this superb work. You can purchase this superb package at

Amoseshe Tonbak note neveshtehaye (Tombak Rudiment)

Ostad Amir Nasser Eftetah

Published by: Mr Fereydon Helmi.

ISBN: 964-90545-7-X

Ostad Eftetah's notes for teaching tombak.

Edited by Pedram Khavarzamini, Hamid Ghanbary. Publication of this book was initiated and organized by Mr Fereydon Helmi.

This is an excellent book for anybody interested in learning or understanding Tombak or Iranian rhythms in general.

Elementary Method of Tonbak & 13 Pieces for beginners

Mohammad Akhavan

Published by: Azarpuya Publisher P.O. Box:51745-185 Iran - Tabriz

This book is in two parts. First part contains elementary techniques for playing Tombak. Second part contains Tombak exercises. This book is in Persian.

This book uses a single line notation which beginners may find easier to understand than the three line notation used by most teachers.

Hezar Sal vazn rytm dar mosighi Iran (One thousand years of rhythm in Iranian music)

Reza Torshizi

Published by hozeh honary

ISBN: 964-471-018-5

This is an excellent study of Iranian rhythm and how it relates to Iranian poetry. A must for any Tombak player.
This book is in Persian.

Tonbak va negareshi beh rhythm az zavaya-ye-mokhtalef (Tonbak and study of Rhythm from different aspects

Ostad Bahman Rajabi

Published by: Entesharat Sorod.

ISBN: 964-5642-19-0

This book is in Persian. A comprehensive study of Rhythm from view point of a master Tombak player.

Ritm be Zaban-e-note

Amir Bidarian


Amir Bidarian

Rhythm in music

Shahram Mazloomi

Published by: Soroush Press

ISBN: 964-435-177-0

This book is in Persian. This is not a book directly about Tombak. However, t provides an excellent introduction to Rhythm in music.

Iranian iraditional and modern musicians (Mardan mosighi sonati va modern Iran)

Habibolah Nasiri-Far

Published by: Entesharate Raad.

This excellent book is in Persian and contains biography of many Iranian musicians.