Djamshid Razeghi


Djamshid Razeghi was born in 1938, Tehran, Iran and became first interested in Tombak and Persian art music when he was a young child. At the age of 14 he auto-didactically began repeating phrases on the Tombak he had heard on the radio.

At the age of 16, he encountered Ostad Amir Nasser Eftetah, who confirmed him his high musicality and was very astonished, that a young man could play the Tombak that good without having taken lessons before. Mr. Razeghi then took regularly advanced courses with Ostad Eftetah for one year, and worked at his side for four more years as an assistant, replacing him in giving courses to his younger students. In this four years of intensive collaboration, Mr. Razeghi was also frequently taken by the Master to radio broadcasts, not only for watching and learning, but also for playing Chaharmezrab in the place of Ostad Eftetah.

He recorded during this time many pieces and concerts with the famous instrumentalists Mohammad Tadjvidi, Parviz Jahagghi, Salim Farzan, Majid Wafadar, Abbas Varzandeh, Nasser Zarabadi, Mehdi Takestani, Mr. Kassaie, Mr. Maroufie and the famous vocalists Dardashti, Marzieh, Delkash and many more. These recordings were later broadcasted by national Radio Iran and Radio Tehran. During this time, Djamshid Razeghi had also the opportunity to be listening to, watching, getting introduced to and learning from other famous national Tombak masters, among them the Grand Ostad Hossein Tehrani in person, who made compliments to Mr. Razeghi hearing him playing in place of Ostad Eftetah.

Djamschid Razeghi changed over to Germany in 1960, received his MA (Dipl.-ME) degree in electrical sciences in 1966, and married also there. He returned to Tehran in 1969, becoming a successful businessman, and came back again with his family to Germany in 1979 in order to be able to keep his children in a German school. In Germany, he holds three patents and manufactures protection relays for medium, low- and high-voltage systems with his Zahra GmbH. his son Andreas is a very successful music composer of classical contemporary music and jazz.