Kambiz Ganjehi


Kambiz Ganjehi was born in Rey, Iran in 1968.He was born into a musical family. His father is Davoud Gangehi a very famous kamanche player. He developed an interest in Tombak from an early age and started his training with Ostad Mahmod Farahmand and then Ostad Nasere Farhangfar.

He started collaborating with center for preservation and propagation of traditional Iranian music in 1981. He has performed with many artists belonging to this centre and Molana ensomble.

He is also an accomplished Daf player..

The above biography and the photograph are from Iranian traditional and modern musicians.


with Bahram Sarang,Reza Shafieyan,Behzad Forohari,Hoseyn Berozeneya,Ardeshir Kamkar,Mohamed reza Rahimi
Sorosh records

with Alireza Eftekhari,Ostad Hasan Nahid and others
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