Dara Afraz


Dara Afraz was born 1984 in Tehran into a musical family. His mother is legendary Iranian Diva Ostad Parissa master of Iranian vocal and radif (Iranian musical system).

Dara Afraz started his musical education under supervision of Ostad Parissa at the age of 8. At the same time he started his Tombak training with Amir Samadi. He then continued his training with Ostad Mahmod Farahmand. He has benefited from guidance of Ostad Mahmod Farahmand. He has continued his training with Daryoosh Eshaghi.

He started learning Daf (Iranian frame drum) from his oldest sister at the age of 10. He used his knowledge of Iranian rhythms from his Tombak training and very rapidly became a very skilful Daf player.

He is an outstanding Daf player with excellent knowledge of Iranian rhythms.