Ostad Jahangir Malak


Jahangir Malak was born in Abshar street, Rey Avenue, Tehran, Iran in 1931.He stutied at Darolfono high school where he obtained his diploma. While studying at Darolfonon, He became interested in Tombak and started practicing on school tables. Ostad Hossein Tehrani used to live in Abshar street close to Jahangir Malak's family house. Jahangir Malak used to look at Ostad Hosain Tehrani in an admiring manner and was too shy to approach the master for tuition. Ostad Hossein Tehrani became more and more curious as to why this child looks at him in this way and one day he asked him: why do you always scrutinize my every move; do you what anything? He replied timidly yes. I would like to learn tombak from you. Ostad Hossein Tehrani asked him: where do live and can you come for tuition everyday? He replied; I am your neighbor in Abshar street. Ostad Hossein Tehrani observing his enthusiasm and interest, accepts him as student. He attended Ostad Hossein Tehrani's classes until 1951.

He stared performing in Iranian national radio in 1951. Mr Moshir Homayon, mayor of ehran and head of music board, attends one of his concerts and asks him to join his nsemble called "orkestere vizhe". This ensemble consisted of many master musicians and was very difficult or a young musician to collaborate with these masters but he made valuable contribution and became a valuable member of this ensemble. he also collaborated with the following orchestras:
Number 1- under leadership of Hosainali Malah, Mehdi Meftah and Ostad Gholamhosain Banan.
Number 2- under leadership of Majid Vafadar and Ali Tajvidi.
Number 3- under leadership of Parviz Yahaghi and Homayon Khoram.
Number 4- under leadership of Abas Shapoori.
Number 5- under leadership of bozorrge Lashkari and Javad Lashkari.
Number 6- under leadership of Habiolah Badiee.

He was invited by Habiolah Badiee to perform in legendry "Golha" program. He became a valuable members of this program. He has introduced and taught Tombak to numerous students. He has performed in many charity concerts with Ostad Hossein Tehrani and Ali Tajvidi. He has performed in many concerts in USA, UK, Germany, Russia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Yemen and Saudi Arabia.

The above biography and the photograph are from Iranian traditional and modern musicians book.