Ostad Abdollah Davami


A very great master of radif, tasnif and tonbak, Ostad Abdollah Davami, was born in Ta village of Tafresh city, Iran in 1891. As a teenager he discovered that he had a good, audible and suitable voice, so he decided to learn the elementary principles of Persian vocal music.

One day he had gone to a gathering in the house of Majd-al-Mamalek that he met Ali Khan Nayeb-al-Saltaneh. After that he became the student of Ali Khan Nayeb-al-Saltaneh for learning radif and Haji Khan, Agha Jan, Sama' Hozur (santoor player) for learning tasnif, and the art of tonbak playing.

because of his talent in learning music, he became friend of great masters of his time such as Mirza Hosseingholi (tar player), Hossein Khan (kamancheh player) Darvish Khan (tar and setar player), Malek-al-Zakerin (vocalist) and Mirza Abd-al-Allah (setar player). He has trained many students. He passed away in 1980.

Some of his students are: Ostad Abol Hassan Saba, Ostad Faramarz Payvar, Ostad Mahmud Karimi, Ostad Nasrollah Nasehpour, Ostad Mohammad Reza Shajarian, Ostad Mohammad Reza Lotfi, Ostad Nasser Farhangfar.