Ostad Madjid Khaladj


Madjid Khaladj was born in Ghazvin(Iran) in 1962. At the age of seven, he started studying the Tombak with masters Maleki and Badjalan. Through them he inherited the teachings of master Hossein Tehrani, to whom we owe the renaissance of the tombak in Iran.

he has been living in Paris since 1984 and he has been invited to teach the tombak at the "Centre l'Etudes de Musiques Orientales, Institute de Musicologie, Paris-Sorbonne". He has introduced this Tombak to numerous western percussionists. He is also founder of the Tombak school for the study of Iranian percussion.

He is a superb solo artist and has accompanied many Iranian master musitions - Hossein Alizadeh, darush Talai, Mohamed Reza Shadjarian, Mohamed Reza Lotfi, Hossein Omomi and many others.

He has a superb technique and excellent knowledge of Iranian Rhythm. He plays many Iranian Percussive instrument: Daf, Dayereh Zangi, Zarbe Zorkhani and Zange sarangoshti.

Picture and biography are from The basic works of Master Tehrani CD.


The basic works of Master Tehrani (Le Repertoire Fondamental de maitre Tehrani )
Ruda Records
Grouhnavazi 1
Grouhnavazi 2
2/4 - 4/4
Fantaisie Tehrani
Grouhnavazi 3

You can listen to this CD to find out how exercises from Tombak Rudiment (Amozeshe Tombak) of Ostad Hosain Tehrani should be played, or just enjoy the brilliant technique of Madjid Khaladge.

The Art of Tombak (Zarb) (L'ART DU TOMBAK)
Ruda Records
Improvisation á 6 temps
Improvisation á 2 temps
Improvisation á 6/8
Improvisation á 7/16
Improvisation á 12/8
Improvisation sur Tombak-é zourkhânéh
Improvisation á 12/16
Improvisation á 5 temps
Qoroub "le crépuscule", Composition á 24 temps

Tombak (Zarb) & Percussions - The rhythms of the classical music of Iran
Ruda Records
Improvisation au Tombak á 22/8 temps
Improvisation au Tombak á 4 temps
Duo pour Tombak á 9 temps
Improvisation au daf á 6/8
Improvisation au Tombak á 12/16 temps
Improvisation sur Tombak-é zourkhânéh á 4 temps
Improvisation au Tombak á 8/8 temps
Improvisation sur Tombak-é zourkhânéh á 7 temps
Parole et Tombak á 49/8
Alborz kouh

Daf (mystical drum), dayré & Zang-é saringôshti (Daf Tambour Mystique, dayré & Zang-é saringôshti)
Ruda Records

Iranian Music, Improvisation
with Hossein Alizadeh
Ruda Records

sThe Art of Improvisation
with Hossein Alizadeh

Musique classique persane
with Hossein Omoumi

Musique iranienne, Saz-é nô
with Hossein Alizadeh, Afsâneh Rassâ'i
Buda Records

Musique savante persane
with Ensemble Môshtaq, Homa, R..Ghassemi, M. Tabrizi-zâdeh
Buda Records

Persian Classical Music
with Sima Bina, H. Omoumi, M. Derakhshani
Nimbus Record

Persian Classical Music
with Hossein Omoumi
Nimbus Records, NI 5359

Tcheshmeh-yé nush
with M.R. Shadjarian, M.R. Lotfi
Del-awa production, Iran-Tehran

wwith Daryoush Talâ'i
Mahour Institut production, Iran-Tehran

Tombak Solo (Taknavâzi-é tombak)
Mahour Institut production, Iran-Tehran