Ostad Mohammad Akhavan


Mohammad Akhavan was born in Tabriz in 1956. from an early age, he became interested in music. he choose Tombak at the age of 6 and start practicing without any teacher. he learnt the elementary playing techniques from books and tapes of the master players.

At the age of 18, he was invited by ostad Mahmod Karimi and Daryosh Safavat to join Tabriz radio and television ensemble. At the same time, he started teaching at the Tabriz center for preservation and propagation of music, Tabriz music college and Tabriz music workshop.

He has performed in many concerts in America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

He now lives in Tehran teaching Tombak and performing with master musicians.

As a Tombak player he is a perfectionist. He is always practicing his technique and exploring new styles.


Amozeshe Tonbak (Elementary Method of Tonbak and 13 Pieces for beginners)
Published by: Azarpuya Publisher P.O. Box:51745-185 Iran - Tabriz

This book is in two parts. First part contains elementary techniques for playing Tombak. Second part contains Tombak exercises.

This book is in Persian. This book uses a single line notation which beginners may find easier to understand than the three line notation used by most teachers.

Khodamoze Tonbak
Majmoe ketabhaye Tonbak navazeye novin
Daf navazi va moghadameye Tonbak navazie novin


Maktab Tar Tabriz
Davod Azad

Contact information

email: mohammad_e_akhavan@yahoo.com
telephone numbers:
kelashaye khososi: 7204869 7907935
Amozeshgahe taraneh: 8408931
seda va sima: 8739990_8739747